About Us


Middle East Consulting Solutions brings together a hub of highly skilled experts dedicated to providing services and contributing to the quality and effectiveness of the humanitarian and development sectors.

As a research consultancy, we work for multiple institutions and organisations – including UN agencies, political actors, local and international NGOs, research institutions, and the private sector. Since the onset of the MENA regional crises in 2011, our founding partners pinpointed a significant gap which led to the establishment of Middle East Consulting Solutions:

“Due to the rapid changes occurring in the MENA region, there is an ever-increasing need for highly qualified research entities with an extensive knowledge of and axes throughout the region, capable of carrying out high-calibre work that could provide decision-makers with more profound multilateral views.”


Middle East Consulting Solutions operates under the belief that projects upholding more sustainable approaches and accountability are crucial to the progress and strengthening of the humanitarian and development fields. This includes - but is not limited to - building higher capacities inside areas of interest in the Middle East and North Africa, creating stronger teams that can conduct different types of quality-oriented research, and ensuring that quality and accountability are set as priorities among all actors in the field. In this framework, Middle East Consulting Solutions undertakes its initiatives conscientiously, in a results-oriented manner, and with efficiency in meeting commitments.


We deem our strong presence on the ground as one of the company’s most important assets. Middle East Consulting Solutions constantly applies a highly competitive process to select the most experienced and qualified candidates to form the available Field Teams, based on previous performance and the quality of research they have done for multiple actors (including INGOs, local NGOs, the private sector, and the media), record, capacity, training acquired, and level of involvement in sophisticated programmes.

Noteworthy to mention is the gender-balanced approach Middle East Consulting Solutions applies in the selection and capacity building of field resources in the areas of operation.
We are proud to have a team of researchers that is composed of around 45% females and 55% males, and we are constantly working towards increasing the presence of female researchers in our field teams. Our field teams are well trained on conducting wide ranges of field research, including needs assessments, beneficiary verification, programme evaluation, opinion polling, and ad-hoc researches. All MECS field team members receive induction and general training on the following topics:

  • Impartiality and the core humanitarian standard
  • Data collection techniques and field research
  • Data security and safe communication
  • Security standards